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Ishchuk Anastasia
16 years old
Medical documents:
Neurology Outpatient Clinic
Ophthalmology Outpatient Clinic
Neurosurgery Department
Prof. Shlomi Constantini consultation
Estimation of treatment costs
Invoice for treatment
Letter by provider of personalized medical services

We ask you a help for Anastasia Ishchuk, the 16 years old female from Ukraine.
She had a brain hemorrhage 7 years ago and was later operated for clipping of an aneurysm. Also she has hemiparesis, and epilepsy attacks that have started 2.5 years ago. (Staring, eye rolling that last half a minute; sometimes falling with post-ictal period, most of the episodes are in the morning - it occurs about every half a year).

Now Anastasia needs in the urgent treatment that can not be held in Ukraine, so girl must have a treatment abroad, in Israel.

We have no a final invoice from clinic now, but as far as we understand, the complex of tests and procedures will be quite expensive for this ukrainian family! Ukrainian charities funds can not provide a financial support for Anastasia because of the difficult situation into the Ukraine, and the plight of the economy. The only hope of family are European charities funds, so we ask you for help!

In accordance with the recommendation of the attending physician, the treatment process of Anastasia Ischuk has to be started as soon as possible, since she have a good chance of recovery right now and treatment can't be delayed!

You can find all documents by links hereinabove. We hope you can help us to solve the problems at least partially...

Phone in Israel - +972 (55) 994 66 54
E-mail - milka.meni@gmail.com

Bank details to assist

Account in Ukraine
Beneficiary Bank Name: PJSC CB "Privatbank"
MFO 305299
EGRPOU 14360570
YNN 143605704021, certificate №40374554
Назначение платежа: Payment purpose: Transfer to a card №5457 0822 3208 8463
Charity payment for daughter's treatment

Bank details of provider of personalized medical services
(for the big payments with preliminary notification about money transfer)

Bank: TheFirst lnternational Bank of Israel Ltd.
Branch name: Ramat Hachayal (No.121)
Branch address : 4 Raul Wallenberg street
69719 Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: 03-7680200 Fax: 03-5134121
Account №.022454
Account Name: Trustmed Ltd.
IBAN: IL 400311210000000022454

International payment systems
(Western Union, Moneygram, Unistream, etc.)

Beneficiary Name: Ishchuk Liudmyla
Beneficiary's place: Israel, Tel Aviv
Phone: +972 (55) 994 66 54

Please let us know you have made a payment.Thank you a lot!

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